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The Way to Decarbonization
As a professional manufacturer of European standard long-life sidewall conveyor belt, QBF implements the global green and sustainable development strategy with the concept of "efficient, safe, green and intelligent", continues to be committed to low-carbon intelligent transportation, and continuously promotes the conveyor belt industry. The implementation of innovative systems such as green sustainable material research and development, low-carbon conveying product design, low-carbon emission manufacturing processes, and intelligent conveying will help the conveyor belt industry move towards green and sustainable development.

Recently, two green and low-carbon technical specifications and standards for the conveyor belt industry that QBF has participated in have been reviewed and officially released.

T/CIET 284-2023 "Green and Low-Carbon Product Evaluation Specification for Rubber Conveyor Belts" team standard. This document stipulates the evaluation requirements, evaluation methods and processes, and product life cycle report preparation methods for green and low-carbon rubber conveyor belt products. It is applicable to rubber Evaluation of green and low-carbon conveyor belt products.

T/CIET 286-2023 "Technical Specification for Carbon Footprint Evaluation of Conveyor Belt Products" group standard. This document stipulates the terms and definitions, principles, scope definition, evaluation process, accounting methods, and evaluation reports for the carbon footprint evaluation of conveyor belt products. This document is applicable to the carbon footprint evaluation and accounting of conveyor belt products.

All QBF specialized conveyor belt, such as sidewall conveyor belt, chevron conveyor belt, bucket elevator conveyor belt, etc follow the above standards to support the decarbonization.

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