Fabric Conveyor Belt
Textile conveyor belts made of EP or PP-textiles are used for conveying bulk material. Due to the high tensile strength and stability the belts are suitable for long distance conveyors. The covers of these fabric conveyor belts are made of rubber that is extremely resistant to wear, abrasion,high temperature and cutting.,etc


Fabric Conveyor Belts are named according to different carcass: Nylon Conveyor Belt ,EP Conveyor Belt.


 High modulus, high tensile strength, impact resistant and good troughability, low elongation, suitable for medium & short distance, high loading, high speed material handling.

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Technical data

TypeFeatures and application
ConventionalGenerally used for power, grain and block material
Oil/Fat resistantOil, fat material
Acid/Alkali resistantPh 4-10 material
Heat resistantT1≤100℃, T2≤125℃, T3≤150℃, T4≤175℃
High temperature resistant200℃
 Flame resistantExtinguishing the flame quickly
Low temperature resistantCold up to -40℃
Abrasion resistantAnti-shock for shaped material

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