Bucket Elevator Conveyor Belt
Bucket elevator belts are the economical solution when it comes to vertical transport of bulk material, the lifting height up to 100 meters and more. The belt is the key component of the bucket elevator belt, We using a special strengthening tear resistant polyester canvas, or using steel cord plus anti-tear layers, with small elongation, large conveying capacity, stable operation, and convenient maintenance.

Cross section for steel cord elevator

Cross section for steel cord elevator1.jpg


 Vertical transport of bulk material

 Lower maintenance cost

 Long service life of the belt

 Conveying capacity greater than 1500m3/h

 Bucket Elevator width of up to 1600 mm.

 High tensile strength, lower elongation, good flexibility

 Available in complete range of quality cover compounds

Application fields



 Building materials

 Mining industry

 Power plants



 Waste treatment plants

We provide accessory parts like as fastener, gasket etc. according to customer's requirement.

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