• Sidewall belting

    Sidewall belting

    Corrugated sidewall conveyor belting is one of the most effective way of elevating materials. It is mainly used for bulk materials in numerous and various industrial applications, including seaports,power plants,steel production, minerals processing,mining,chemical industry,etc.

  • Base belt

    Base belt

    Sidewall belts require a certain tensile strength and abrasion resistance,For belt has to have enough cross rigidity and flexibility longitudinally to meet up with the requirement of deflection part of conveyor. The special designed base belt with cross rigidity solved the problem of belt deformation .The belt standard are in accordance with international standard.

  • Sidewall


    QBF sidewall design ensures maximum flexing without fatigue and allows for high compression to ensure smooth inner deflection around small radii.

    Diagonal type fabric insertion gives excellent tear resistance and also allows the sidewall to flex more easily.

    Dynamic fatigue tested rubber compound ensure maximum fatigue resistance along with flexibility, high abrasion resistant and high tensile strength.

  • Cleat


    QBF cleats have been specifically design to give optimum performance. The shape of the ‘C’ and ‘TC’ types has been created to offer the best conveying capacities along with excellent self-cleaning properties. QBF cleats are molded with features of strong stiffness abrasion resistant and impact resistance to give the best shape retention even when conveying high-density materials.