Sidewall belting

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Corrugated sidewall conveyor belting is one of the most effective way of elevating materials. It is mainly used for bulk materials in numerous and various industrial applications, including seaports,power plants,steel production, minerals processing,mining,chemical industry,etc.

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  • Steep incline conveying from 0 to 90 degree.
  • No transfer points.
  • No spillage with steep angle conveying.
  • Maximum utilization of space.
  • Minimum maintenance, long belt life.
  • Wide range of materials can be handled.


  • International standard.
  • Full set of European mold design.
  • Belt selection support
  • Hot assembling
  • Biggest sidewall belting manufacturer in China

Manufacturing capacity

  • Base belt:300-2400mm
  • Sidewall height:40-630mm
  • Cleat height:35-600mm 
  • Belt strength:250-7500N/mm

Hot vulcanization 

QBF sidewall belting is assembled by hot vulcanization technology,Which achieves super high adhesion value, non-fall off. The adhesion won’t be influenced by high temperature material

Production process Traditional cold bonding Hot vulcanising assemble 
Adhesion value  ˃10N/MM ≧17N/MM


  • Sidewall belting is widely used for bulk material lifting in harbor, metallurgy, tunneling,  power plant, chemical industry, cement and metro, etc. The conveying capacity can be reached to 6000 m³ / h. 




-Power plant-

-Tunneling / Metro-

-Harbor terminal-

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