Focus on dedusting and cleaning solutions for bulk material transfer station. More than 30 years experience in material handling, able to analyze key problems, improve and optimize transportation system, and provide customers with the best solution.

Product advantage

The side seal of the blanking section and the belt are free of wear

-No damage to the belt by changing the direction of air flow to dust removal

-Negative pressure air is produced by the combination of steel knife tilt angle and belt speed

-The particle size of materials is not limited, and both dry and wet materials are applicable

-It can realize dust-free operation and meet environmental protection requirements

-No need for frequent maintenance and cleaning

-No power dedusting, ultra low cost operation

Each dustscratch unit is 2 meters long and is suitable for all conveyor belts. Therefore, any length of conveying can be installed or upgraded to dustscrape dedusting system. How to choose an appropriate airscrape device depends on the width of the belt and the width of the unloaded part of the belt edge. In the part of no-load belt, airscrape device completes the function of side sealing dust through air suction and corresponding dust retention characteristics. The filter cloth covered on the material has air permeability, and redundant air can be discharged freely.